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Eclipse For Chrome packaged application with Dartlang

My English skill is poor. If I make mistakes in my English,please pardon me.

From Dart Editor to Eclipse with dart plugin

DartEditor retired at the Dart 1. 11 release. I have moved ti Eclipse.
I studied WebStorm. but WebStorm could not develop chrome app with dart.

- WebStorm don't support to debug chrome app from right click manifest.json at default setting
- WebStorm don't support chrome app template at default setting

Eclipse with dart plugin support those function.

It's a little hard to install for me 

but, I had a little hard to install eclipse with dartplugin. I could not understand that eclipse find dartium, and Eclipse dose not sartup.

It was to write this memo.


Install Eclipse

download eclipse and install, I downloaded Java Developers version.


Install Dart plugin

1. Menu:Help --> Install New software..
2. Push add button. then show Add Repository dilog.
3. set dartrepo to value Name. and "" to Location. and push start button.
4. selcet Dart Editor check box. and push Next button.

After follow the instraction...

Install Dart SDK

Eclipse dard plugin has download Dart SDK function.
1. Menu:Windows --> Preferences. then show Preferences dialog.
2. Dart--> SDK. 
3. Push Download button.

Install Dartium

Next, install a Dartium, you get this from .
and decompress a downloaded file in the path that has been described in preference dialog's path.

* <eclipse folder>/chromium/chrome.exe


My environment is following
Microsoft windows surface pro2 (8G memory, windows8) 

I had recommend Dart Editor, Dart Editor is useful that install this, than start develop chome app with dart. but Dart Editor was ended.
WebStorm is to very expensive for me. WebStorm could not develop chrome package app with dart at default setting.

I think that chrome package application with dart developer should to use eclipse.

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