Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sloppy 3D Ball with Scratch

I created fake 3D sample with scratch.

Start From Observing

I think that start from observing environment.  I tried to throw ball. I watched the distant.  and I founded rules that it looks bigger as more closer,  looks smaller as more distant.

Let programming  in order to confirm this rule.

- Programming to check rule

  - small as more closer test

I tried to coding that small as more closer. almost ok. but, felt a sense of discomfort.

- Found new rule as a result of the check

This sample could not be moving along a road that I placed int center.  So, I founded a second rule.  it looks closer to the more center as move more distant.

By programming tried sure. almost ok. I did not feel a sense of discomfort.


  - Sloppy 3D Ball
  - Sloppy 3D Ball  Game

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